Il rinnovamento del sito web

The renewal of the website

State-of-the-art mechanical technologies

Founded in the 1980s, the I.M.F. operates in the sector of medium and heavy mechanical technologies, specialized in third party machining. The solid experience and skills of the collaborators allow the company to meet the needs of customers, guaranteeing a 360 ° service.

The strategies adopted

I.M.F. Group needed to renew its website, to show customers its services. The site also had to present the company machinery and the many products made.

Through the use of modern frameworks, DevIBrain has created a website with contemporary and clear graphics, able to communicate the core business of the client company.

Large space has been given to photographs on the homepage and on the internal pages, in order to make navigation and information retrieval easier, thus improving the user experience. All the sections have been added to the menu in which to find specific information on the products, the technologies used, the machinery and the contacts.

The site has also been optimized from an SEO perspective to ensure good positioning on search engines.