A new website has been created

Solutions for road construction

Founded in September 2018, Impresa SM quickly established itself on the road construction market. With its services of hydraulic and road works, demolitions and excavations, landscaping and industrial works, it is constantly engaged in offering a high level of quality and reliability of the works performed.

Sito web Impresa SM - impresa edile a Bergamo

New user experience

The customer’s primary need was to create a new site, to clearly present the company and the services offered.

The solutions adopted by DevIBrain made it possible to study an organized, modern and graphically clear platform. With a simple and well-structured internal navigation, the website allows you to search for information quickly and to deepen the services offered by the construction company.

The site presents Impresa SM in detail, also through the images that accompany the presentation of the company solutions.

The last step in the construction of the site were the SEO analysis and optimization strategies, operations that allowed the company to position itself correctly online.