How does augmented reality work?

The application of augmented reality to the industrial field opens up new horizons that are still undiscovered, the potential of using augmented reality (augmented reality) would significantly improve the learning curve of an operator who must use a particular machine.

With the aid of a viewer, he superimposes multimedia images, such as the CAD of the machine, on what the operator is actually seeing. The operator can see every detail of the machine even the internal parts.

DevIBrain through partners specialized in AR offers its customers the use of augmented reality, mainly the areas of use are:

  • Monitoring of real-time values by reading machine values from microcontrollers or IoT-Link sensors, thus detecting any anomalies in real time.
  • Training of operators for the use of the machine, a complete and time-saving training of the workers increases productivity.
  • Maintenance of the machine through its 3D CAD also of the systems, facilitating interventions and reducing machine downtime.
  • Remote assistance, in fact with the use of a viewer it is possible to assist the operator who can also be found on the other side of the world and who has never actually seen the machine in operation.
  • Quality control of product prices.


The advent of industry 4.0 has brought the use of new technologies in industries now also known as Smart Factory, augmented reality plays a major role in this technological transaction.