Management of documents and deadlines

DevICheck is the software that helps companies manage documents and all kinds of deadlines.
The application allows the management of company documentation, personnel, vehicles or equipment used, everything can be connected with the various jobs in order to always have the documentation in order.
It notifies the expiration of an inspection for a vehicle or warns that a certain employee does not have a certification to be able to carry out a job.

The documents are accessible at any time as the software is in the cloud and consequently it is possible to access company documents even outside the office, for example on site.
Daily reports warn you about upcoming deadlines so you can move in time and avoid looming in unpleasant surprises.

Complete service

The files can also be downloaded outside the office so that they can be shared with customers, suppliers or established entities.
DevICheck offers a complete 360 ° service, in fact it is also possible to manage the subcontractors of a job, moreover through a consultancy from an RSPP professional your documents will always be in compliance with the provisions in force.