Industry 4.0 software

DevI4.0 is much more than a classic software for interfacing with production lines, in fact it offers a modular solution capable of analyzing all aspects of a machine from energy to operating behavior.
The software is accessible from any device, directly in the production plant but also outside, a platform that can also manage the security levels of the users where each user can access and view the data reserved only for him.
The application fits perfectly with multinational environments as it is able to manage users in multilingual.

DevIBrain’s solution for 4.0

The strengths of DevI4.0:

  • Production monitoring at any time and from any place;
  • Control of energy consumption to analyze and evaluate improvements on the efficiency of the production line;
  • Detection of anomalies in the various work phases to prevent production stops;
  • Real-time data processing to detect product quality;
  • Basic security with certified hardware and on-site data processing without the need to access third-party services;