Our services

Solutions and software to optimize production quality

Industrial automation

PLC programming of industrial production lines

Industry 4.0

Software integration for production lines

Industry 5.0

Cooperation between man and machine

Machine learning

Collection and analysis of machine data to make operating predictions

Corporate IT

Management software to facilitate work processes


PLC programming

Software design and programming for industrial automation. Among the brands handled: Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider, Omron

Programming Scada

Realization and programming of SCADA software for supervision and industrial data acquisition

Our software

A new way of understanding industry: safe, efficient and on a human scale. With DevI4.0 you manage your company in an interconnected system.

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Real and digital worlds converge for a more efficient human-machine interface.

AR and VR support the operator step by step.

Interactive 3D environment to control the machine.

Intelligent chat to facilitate operational and maintenance activities.

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Managing business documents has never been easier, with DevICheck, your documents are always available.